What to do in Winter

The whole landscape is tinged with white, illuminated by the low rays of the sun, and in every corner, the snowball battles begin… winter has arrived!

In addition to sipping a hot cup of tea in front of the fireplace or reading a book on the couch, with winter also come the long-awaited experiences on the snow! Wear scarf and gloves and get ready for the adventure!


The slopes of the mountains and the wide valleys become the perfect place for an exciting winter activity. Let yourself be transported by skis or sled, furrowing the fresh and snowy snow.

Many snowshoeing to explore the mountain of Friuli Venezia Giulia. From Sappada to Tarvisio, from day to night, every slope is ideal for trying out this fun activity in good company. If you prefer a more “adventure” tour, try climbing on the icefall! A unique excursion in an enchanted landscape.

Snow driving

If you love engines and adventure, try a driving experience on ice, snowmobile or quads! Between bends, mountains and ice the adventure will be even more fun!

Indoor for groups

Do you want to spend a different day in the company, but you do not have any ideas? Abandon the usual board games and go for the adventure !!! A game with the Bumper Ball, a battle of Archery or the intricate orienteering in Sappada … choose your favorite!