What to do in Summer

Summer is upon us, long and warm days of sunshine awaits! The right season to experience new adventures and take a break from everyday life. Backpack on your shoulder and… ready for new adventures from the Alps to Slovenia, following the rivers towards green panoramas!

Mountainous area...

in summer it is not only the realm of lovers of walking and cycling, but it is also the ideal place for those who want to get away from the crowded inhabited areas and breathe the regenerating mountain air. In summer, nature shows off its best side, painted in bright green and showing itself in all its top.

The mountains seem to invite the curious spectator to explore them, the waterways seem even more crystalline, with the sun reflecting on the river, here the Rafting descent awaits only adventurers! You can also explore the banks and meanders of the streams making Canyoning or hiking into the natural cavities, like the wonderful Fontanone di Goriuda, located in the evocative setting of the Natural Pre-Alps Park.

Zipline Slovenia Bovec

For those who prefer to stay dry, there are some good tips too! From the good old Treasure Hunt to hiking to wonderful waterfalls and springs. For adrenaline lovers, we recommend the Zip-Line, an activity that will see you suspended at a cableway up to 200 meters above the magnificent valley carved by the River Isonzo.

Hilly area...

the sun warms the verdant meadows that are scattered with picnic tablecloths and lovers of outdoors. But they are not the only activities that can be done here, in fact among the lush vineyards and green hills, you can try the relaxing horseback ride in the hills of Cividale or the exciting excursion by quad, between dirt paths and woods in the Buttrio area to Slovenia or Palmanova.

For lovers of two wheels, it is possible to rent motorbikes for tourist itineraries and drive along the roads of the Region and beyond. With the long sunny days and the clear sky, you can experience the thrill of a paragliding flight, floating in the air and admiring the landscapes of the Gemona from above. Even the ultralight flight awaits you this season! You can try flying the plane in the skies and enjoy a breathtaking spectacle from the Friuli plains to Lake Garda.

In the Plain...

Ready for barbecues and summer sports tournaments? Have a look at how to spend a different and relaxing day in these territories nestled between the sea and the mountains, surely you can not miss a nice balloon flight in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Even river’s beaches are quite popular with most people looking for a swim and relax and in other parts of the rivers are perfect for canoe excursion. Among reeds and the typical flora of the fluvial zones, the current will transport you to the outlet on the sea. Finally, for those who can not give up team games and grass rides, we recommend a fun day with friends playing Paintball, Archery Battles or Bubble Football!

At the Sea...

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