What to do in Autumn

Autumn is the season of the year when you look longingly at the long summer days but still knows how to give pleasant temperatures to live in the open air. The sparkling air will be an ally in the central hours of the day and will allow you to have fun not suffering from the heat as in July or August.

Nature this season becomes a palette of warm colors and offers a wonderful and enchanted atmosphere and panoramas.

In Flight...

there is no better way to admire a colorful autumn landscape that floats in the air on board a hot-air balloon!! If you prefer an adrenaline and exciting experience, the most suitable activity is certainly a parachute launch.


the caves are the protagonists of this season: immersed in the evocative autumn forest, they will make you rediscover the mysterious side of nature. From the Doviza Cave in the splendid Natural Park of the Julian Prealps to the Grotta di San Giovanni D’Antro, up to the coast, in the Merlino Cave. During these excursions, you will feel like a true speleologist!!!

Tour and history...

autumn is the right season to visit this area together with family or friends. Three excursions in the name of history, to rediscover beautiful places immersed in nature: the hike in Valbruna, the one in Val Saisera and finally the excursion to the Fortino … with the soldier’s meal!

Tours and Rides...

go to adventure on a quad or… an elegant horseback ride!!! Four itineraries for an enjoyable experience on board a quad or two relaxing horseback ride tours in the beauty of Hills, forests, rivers, and mountains.

Outdoor & Indoor Rec

To spend a fun autumn day out with friends, you can think of a nice group battle fun with bows and arrows paintball style or a game with the Bumper Ball either outdoors or, if it’s raining, indoors.

Zorbing Bubble Rental
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Waiting for the winter activities… snowshoeing, sledding, snowdrift, ice driving, snowmobiling, fatbike on the snow… because outdoor fun lasts 365 days a year!