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Tethered Balloon Rides will make your Festival, next Company Party, Family get together, or celebration an impressive and memorable event. Because it attracts people to your location it is great also for Corporate Marketing and Media Events.

Tethered Balloon Rides

LEAD BY Professional-Certified Hot Air Ballooning Company
TETHERED BALLOON LOCATION We require a minimum of a 50×50 meters area that is free of trees, light poles, power wires, etc. We will need to anchor the balloon from three points. Depending on your location we may use large trees or vehicles. We always use our chase vehicle but may need for you to provide additional vehicles
DURATION 2 hours are included in the main ride (price). Possibility to make it 3 hours rides (subject to weather and wind conditions)
Professional Balloon Pilot
Team Crew (2/3 members)
2h Activity and Passengers Insurance
Transport to Location, Fuel and tethered equipment
PRICE 2.560€ for 2 hours of activity. 300€ per extra hour.
Tethered Balloon Rides are much harder on our balloon than an actual flight. The balloon experiences stresses and wind loads while being restrained that do not occur during free flight. The fabric of a balloon is serviceable for somewhere between 300-600 hours and is very costly to replace. It has been estimated that tethering a balloon for one hour is equivalent to 2-3 hours or regular flight time in terms of life span. It is also much more work for our crew and pilot.

How long do you tether?

Our minimum tether time is 2 hours and we have tethered as long as 3/4. What time of day is best for a tether promotion? Because we need light winds to tether the best time of day is within 2 hours of sunrise or two hours of sunset. We can even tether after dark. The balloon lights up like a big jack-o-lantern after dark.

How many passengers can you take up in an hour?

It is dependent on many variables. We flew for a children’s camp where we had perfect weather conditions and the kids jumped in and out of the basket so fast we were able to take up over 115 kids in one hour. On a very hot day we cannot take up as much weight as on a cooler day. When you have a mixture of older and younger passengers it takes longer to trade out passengers. A good rule of thumb is approximately 75 per hour.

How high do you go?

The height is determined primarily by the location and the wind conditions the day of the event. Tethered balloons usually fly between 15 and 30 meters off the ground.

How many people can ride in the balloon?

We can take a maximum of 4/5 passengers at one time. This is determined by the combined weight of the passengers and the temperature of the day. During a typical tethered balloon event we can take approximately 75 passengers per hour. If you have a lot of passengers who will be riding you might consider two tethered balloons.

Can I use the tethered balloon for advertisement?

A tethered balloon offers two wonderful ways to advertise. The easiest is one to three banners attached to the basket. Everyone who gets close to the balloon, especially passengers will see the basket banners. For a much greater cost, a large banner that can be seen from a great distance can be attached to the actual balloon. Please contact us for details.

Participants Guidelines

Minimum age: 4 (under 18s must be accompanied by a paying adult)
Passengers must be physically able to climb into the basket using foot holes provided
You will be part of a small group of 3 to 5 passengers per lift
Those who are pregnant or have recently undergone major surgery are unable to fly

In case of bad weather conditions, the activity will be postponed

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