Preparation Tips for Climbing and Via Ferrata
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Two of the activities that are becoming more widespread are definitely the via ferrata and climbing. More and more people are looking for the most adventurous route and the best climbing wall, whether artificial or natural, in company or alone, indoor or outdoor.

What is certain is that they are uncomplicated, very entertaining activities that ensure complete contact with nature and the surrounding landscape. Perhaps for this reason they are more and more practiced and loved.

If you also want to try these new adventures, then the article you will read is the right one for you! We will explain briefly how to best prepare for these excursions, starting from the via ferrata and ending with climbing.


via ferrata sappada climbing italy
The via ferrata consists of a set of structures and equipment created artificially on a rock face to allow it to ascend in complete safety. They are usually located along a hiking and mountaineering route in more difficult stretches. In fact, without the via ferrata, to overcome these traits it would be necessary to climb and therefore to know well the climbing techniques.


To better face the hike, we suggest you to wear seasonal, comfortable, stretch and thermal clothing and mountain boots. In addition, it is always good to bring a waterproof jacket even in good weather and obviously remember to bring a bottle of water!


The via ferrata equipment consists of:

  • The via ferrata set: it is a system composed of strings and dissipators, to which two carabiners are connected. The latter are very resistant carabiners, able to hook also steps or chains and which bear greater breaking loads. The dissipators instead serve to mitigate the fall and, above all, the consequences caused by it.
  • The harness: it is usually complete, or completely wraps the legs and shoulders, and is connected to the via ferrata set. It serves to keep the body in an upright position even in the event of a fall.
  • The helmet: mainly serves to protect the head from falling rocks and blows that can be taken passing near rocky walls.


Ice climbing in sappada italy alps

Ice climbing is the natural evolution of classical wall climbing. In fact, the walls in winter ice and the ice climbing is born! There are many places to climb, but Sappada is considered one of the best because it has many walls that ice in the winter and allows you to climb to different levels of difficulty. Now that you know the ideal place to practice it for the first time, you will wonder how it is best to dress. In the next paragraph we will explain it to you.


The most suitable clothing for ice climbing is similar to that for ski mountaineering: it must be breathable and resistant and it is important that you dress lightly and instead cover you during breaks, bringing warm clothes for when you’re still . The boots must be either crampon or semi-crampon and it is better that you wear two pairs of gloves: a light one to facilitate grip during climbing and a heavy one to warm up your hands during breaks. The equipment will be provided entirely by the guide, but we will explain in summary what will accompany you during the excursion.


The main tools for ice climbing are ice axes and crampons:

  • Picozze: is the mountaineering tool that allows the progression and ensures you on the ice and on the snow
  • Crampons: they are applied on the boots and also these allow you the progression on snow and ice
  • In addition to these two specific tools for ice climbing, the rope, helmet and harness are the same as those used in the via ferrata.

With these simple tips you will be ready to leave in complete safety for these adventures!