Preparation for Snowshoeing, Outdoor Tips

After so many questions from our adventurers, we decided to dedicate an entire article about the preparation for Snowshoeing activity.
An easy and fascinating way to experience the most authentic soul of the mountain in winter, discovering landscapes and enchanting panoramas, enjoying silence and nature far from the main tourist flows.

On our site you will find snowshoeing of all kinds: daytime, night-time, for beginners, for trained people, with or without meal included. But keep reading now because we have made for you a list of useful tips and suggestions to get ready experience in the snow!

Preparation for Snowshoeing

As first-time snowshoers, you don’t need to possess any particular skill. There are some tracks suitable for all and some others which instead requires a bit of “walking in the mountain”. Always check the difference in height, indicated in all our routes, to find the one most suited to you in terms of physical training!
Snowshoe Guides provides snowshoes and sticks for the tour.

Snowshoeing Tips

Always bring a backpack with a hot drink inside the thermos and some snacks to nibble along the way. Remember also to put in the car a change of clothes for the post-activity.

  • We do recommend to dress in layers (doing so you will be able to react appropriately to changes in temperature due to weather conditions, stress, etc.) and wear waterproof, low-temperature resistant boots or trekkers. No Moonboot or snowboard boots.
  • Those will make your feet very uncomfortable on the snowshoe while walking. Wear high-fitting winter hiking boots on the ankle, water-repellent (Gore-Tex lining or similar materials) and allow perfect thermal insulation.
    Do you need leggings? If you have them, bring them! They are not essential, but anything that can help keep you dry is fine!
  • The ski suit is fine if it is the first time you do a snowshoeing and do not have the right clothing, but it is a very stiff and cumbersome, not suitable for a walk with snowshoes. If you have more outings on the snow during the winter, we suggest you buy the classic winter trekking pants, which allow ample freedom of movement.
    Avoid wearing jeans and corduroy trousers – they are heavy and, if they get wet, soak like sponges.

snowshoeing zoncolan friuli

Some other useful advice

  • Avoid cotton underwear because the cotton is soaked with perspiration and keeps it – you prefer an intimate thermal shirt with long sleeves
  • Windbreaker – very important in moments of rest or in moments of strong wind
  • Technical socks – keep the foot warm and dry, wrap it and protect it also preventing the onset of blisters and abrasions
  • Also wear water repellent gloves, sunglasses, and sunscreen

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