Preparation for Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding, better known as Sleddog, is certainly one of the most fun activities to di during winter: crossing snowy landscapes led by a snow dog sled is a dreamy experience! The Musher instructor will teach you the basic commands to “drive” your dog pack while traveling towards white enchanted landscapes. How to get prepared for this? Below you will find all our tips!


Dress UP

To get ready for the sled you need to wear warm winter clothing, with a ski jacket and snow-resistant shoes. We recommend also a cap and a scarf. Very important are gloves: tighten the sled with bare hands in winter is not ideal if you do not want to ruin this adventure!

We suggest you wear glasses, possibly ski type. Finally, we do not recommend wearing fur, especially true fur. Why? You must know that dogs are attracted by it’s smell and will not take their eyes off you!

Sleddog Friuli Venezia Giulia

About Sled DOGS

An activity that involves animals certainly is one of the most enjoyable experiences, but it is also one that requires compliance with more rules. First of all, it is absolutely forbidden to bring your dog, in fact, dogs seeing other similar that they do not recognize as part of the pack, will tend to get excited and will remain distracted throughout the excursion.

The dogs, however, are all perfectly trained to be among the people and children, they are sociable and playful, but it is always good not to approach running or screaming because they could be frightened.

Approaching with caution and respect will surely facilitate a good “feeling” with the dog. Be nice with them will help drive the sled and they will happily execute your commands. Finally, it is good not to feed the dog without the permission of the instructor, but do not worry, at the end of the excursion will receive a cookie from his “musher” to thank him for the fantastic job!

sleddog in Sappada Italy

What to do during the tour

There are no particular recommendations since all you need to know will be explained to you during the briefing by the instructor the day of the activity, including safety.

Now, are you ready to live this wonderful adventure?