Preparation for Canyoning
Prealps Canyoning Adventure

Canyoning is the sport that involves walking the rocky gorges of torrents with reduced water flow. Along the way, there are stretches where you need to get down from the rock with ropes or dive to get back into the water. It is one of the most widespread outdoor activities in Italy and there are various levels of difficulty depending on the stream that you choose. For the first experience, it is good to opt for a guided excursion: a specialized guide will take you all the way to ensure a fun day in complete safety.

Preparation for Canyoning

Wear a swimsuit and a thermal or cotton T-shirt to keep the skin in direct contact with the wetsuit’s neoprene. Shoes are very important: wear good sneakers or trekking shoes, better if with the high collar – not rock shoes or boots. The sole should not be too worn out, the shoes must be safe enough not to slip and comfortable enough to allow you to walk and swim easily.

On the day of the activity, you will be provided with everything you need to fully tackle the experience. Once you have communicated the sizes to the guide, you will be delivered wetsuit and neoprene boots and gloves, which will protect you from the cold water of the streams. In addition, you will be equipped with a canyoning helmet, approved for the fall of stones that protects you even in the event of a fall. Finally, if you think you need it, you can also ask for the float jacket: it will limit you a bit in your movements but, for those who do not feel safe in torrential waters, it is highly recommended.

The route or river, already equipped, will be completed by the ropes that the guide will provide for the descents with harness and karabiners. The ropes are fundamental to face the descents along the rocks and overcome natural differences in height. They are specific ropes, suitable for water and of course the guide will take care to harness you to the best to ensure the descent in complete safety.

Last but not Least: USEFUL TIPS

Finally, here some suggestions to avoid unexpected events to let you enjoy the best of your adventure.

Do not wear glasses if they are not strictly necessary, water could make them slip off. Wear contact lenses and avoid sunglasses: the path is immersed in the river gorge and hardly the sun will bother you. If you have long hair, remember to tie them all the time. Do not bring objects that break or consume in contact with water: you can leave everything in special waterproof containers.

Finally, GoPro are welcome or waterproof cameras linked to the suit or helmet to avoid impediments during the journey.