If you’re planning to explore the outdoors in the Alps area, around woods, lakes, and rivers, make sure you know these five simple rules before you go.

This area’s geography, flora and fauna, historic trails, short walks, and day hikes are within easy reach of the main towns, making it a popular destination year round for walkers, hikers, and cyclists.

Before you head out into the beautiful outdoors, it’s important to be prepared and know the outdoor safety code. Many of the tracks in and around this land take you into the alpine environment and remote areas that require experience (we always provide certified guides for tours) and appropriate preparation (bring with).

These five simple rules will help you stay safe on your next adventure.


Plan Your Trip


Tell Someone Your Plans


Be Aware of the Weather


Correct Clothing


Take Plenty of Water

To be even more specific, you’ll find in all our tours and adventures all details about, what to bring with, participants guidelines and preparation suggestions.