Outdoor Activities by the Tagliamento River


The Tagliamento river is the longest river in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The river has many unique historical and naturalistic peculiarities. Its singularity is also underlined by many other unique factors… Read more to find out!


This imposing waterway is considered the only one in the entire Alpine arc and one of the very few in Europe to preserve the original morphological structure with intertwined canals. The river flows freely in its gravel bed excavated over time, becoming the guardian of a practically unique river ecosystem and corridor of many migratory species. Scholars and students come from all over Europe and beyond to admire and analyze this marvelous stream that has suffered very little from human intervention and has been flowing undisturbed in its basin for millennia. For many, it is considered the most beautiful river in the world, with all the various species of plants, rocks and animals that can often only be found here. That’s why we can well consider … the King of the Alpine rivers!


The Tagliamento river was often also the protagonist of war events, the natural barrier created by it has always been the scene of battles and battles for the conquest of the opposite shore. Many bridges were built during the war, both during the First and Second World Wars and some of them are still visible “finds”. For example, some still keep the holes to insert the explosive in case it was necessary to blow the bridge to avoid an invasion. Another feature is certainly the high presence along its entire length of forts and forts used as places of stalking, some more visible and preserved, such as the Fort of Chiusaforte, others almost abandoned, such as the fort of Precenicco.


Now that you’ve learned about this river, you’ll want to explore it! Such as? There are so many fun ways to live it to the fullest and get closer to this river that all of Europe envies us. You can choose a naturalistic excursion accompanied by an expert guide who, among historical and naturalistic jewels and magnificent views, will make you discover the Tagliamento River. From the castle of Ragogna that stands out on the river to the wild shore where forts are hidden, the guide will tell you stories and anecdotes of the place. After this tour, this water course will have no more secrets for you!

If you prefer to “enter” the river, then the rafting descent is ideal! With its wide bed of intertwined branches, the guide will lead the raft in the best stretch and the funny thing is that in a couple of hours the morphology of the river… can change! So there will never be a descent equal to the other and every time you will see new and completely unexplored corners.

River Canoe Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy


The Tagliamento river, being the main river of Friuli Venezia Giulia, can count on several tributaries. From the Arzino stream to the Fella river, from the Lumiei stream to the Varmo river, from the crystalline waters to the emerald waters, all contribute to making the Tagliamento “colorful” at the point where they enter, creating wonderful scenographic effects. As on the Tagliamento, it is also possible to have fun excursions on its tributaries.

In particular, the Arzino torrent lends itself well to this kind of activity: canyoning along its gorge is one of the most requested activities in the hot period! Between dives, abseils and natural slides, this stream is a real natural amusement park! You don’t necessarily have to bathe to explore this suggestive waterway, in fact, you can stay on its banks for an excursion immersed in the green and surrounded by the sound of the flow of its waters until it gets closer to the increasingly loud gurgle. .. and here come the waterfalls! These natural pools create an almost fairytale and enchanted environment, far from the inhabited centers they represent a true naturalistic jewel and an expert guide will tell you about it in all its aspects.

Now that you know the Tagliamento river and the thousand ways to explore it, all you have to do is choose the adventure (or adventures!) And set off to discover this unique waterway and all its wonderful tributaries.