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Hot Air Balloon Tethered rides are almost always conducted at special event programs. If you would like to experience the excitement of a five-minute tethered ride, the most common place you may find a tethered balloon would be at the nearest fair or festival. However, we also contract equipment and services to provide tethers throughout the year for various events, including corporate promotions, media events, big venues, graduations, weddings, member appreciation events, and other private parties, including group tours.

On a morning or evening when wind and weather cooperate, a tethered hot air balloon basket will typically rise to a height of about 50 to 70 feet, with the balloon envelope itself floating majestically above that.  Because of the size of the balloon envelope (about 7 stories tall), when you’re watching from the ground the ride may not look very high. But when you’re in the basket, you’ll be impressed by how high it feels!

The ride itself lasts approximately 5 minutes, and each of our balloons can carry 4 or 5 passengers besides the pilot per ascent. This means that in a 2-hour period, we may be able to give nearly 100 people rides per balloon!

Utility and Applications

Hot Air Balloon Tethered

Private Tethered Hot Air Balloon

Major Festivals, Run/walk fundraisers, School programs, Golf events, Community festivals… Anything that will attract media!

Public and Events

Weddings, Corporate employee/customer appreciation days, Group Tours, Family Reunions, Sporting Events, Grand Openings


Utility and Applications of a Corporate Tethered Hot Air Balloon (Display your company’s banner on our balloon, or design your own balloon!)
  • Timing: we only schedule for events within 2-4 hours of sunrise or sunset. A tether event during the middle of the day has a success rate of between 1 and 2 percent. When scheduled during the proper time frame, however, the probability of success is far higher!
  • Wind and Weather: In addition to “nice” weather, meaning clear of rain, we are extremely sensitive to wind. Less than 4 mph is ideal.
  • Space: there should be at least 150 feet x 150 feet of space per balloon (preferably cut grass) and should be clear of obstacles such as trees, buildings and power lines
Hot Air Balloon Tethered Rides Italy

When properly managed, a tethered balloon at your event makes you stand far above the rest. It is impossible to match the excitement generated by a hot air balloon in person! When it comes to rented balloons for tether events, we will help you manage the risks so you maximize both your budget and also your chances for the perfect tethered ride experience.

For more on how to successfully host a tethered balloon at your event, contact us today!

Pricing Structure

To schedule a tethered hot air balloon for an event is a specialized process, and as such, has a specialized pricing structure. We build our pricing with the understanding that the tether’s success is completely dependent upon the cooperation of the wind and weather, elements over which neither you nor we have any control. As a result, we break down the cost into three categories:

  • Date reservation (non-refundable)
  • Travel (Accrues if the pilot travels to your event)
  • Inflation/Completion of event (Accrues at time pilot starts balloon inflator fan)

We operate under the assumption we will complete our obligation to the end, regardless of weather conditions. However, we will give consultation on weather, and if at any point you as the organizer of the event decide to abort–because of wind, weather, or otherwise–we will do as advised, and you will only incur the expense for those services performed: nothing more.

For more details and an exact quote, please call to discuss your event in detail!