Hot Air Balloon Tethered Rides

Are you planning the season of events? Festivals, country festivals and outdoor events… whether your event is the first edition or now started and consolidated, the most important thing is that the public has fun and is attracted by new proposals, involving and original.

This is why we have decided to present our suggestions to leave you speechless and entertain young and old.

Tethered Hot Air balloon

The first tip of all: the tethered hot air balloon flight! Imagine a giant balloon colored and anchored to the ground that, through repeated ascents, is able to give a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding area. Think of the same big ball at dusk, surrounded by your guests and lit only by a burning flame in the middle. Trust me, it’s really very impressive.

On the tethered activity you can combine an educational balloon for the little ones. It is a balloon inflated and resting on the ground, inside which you can enter groups (children can walk and have fun inside “the colored cave”) and listen to the tales of an entertainer who will let them discover this magical “world” “.

Vintage Carriage Tour

Remaining on the subject of romance and enchanted atmosphere, you could also think of horse-drawn carriage rides. The coachman will lead your guests in an original experience and of other times to rediscover the slow rhythms that are now far from everyday life.

Each carriage can accommodate up to a maximum of 6 people. The duration of the tours is about 15 minutes and the cost is 5 euros per person (children under the age of 5 rise for free).

“Paintball” bow and arrow action game

If you thought of something more aggregating, like a team game, we present the Archery Battles, the new action game similar to the paintball, which takes place with arches and arrows from the end in foam and that for a couple of years has been making Friuli Venezia Giulia fun.

The games consist of more matches that follow each other, becoming progressively faster and more exciting. To know the rules and the different game modes, we advise you to read the dedicated article (Archery Battles).

Bubble Football – Bumperball and Zorbing

The last idea, perhaps more known and of equal appeal for an audience of all ages are the “bumper ball“, big colored inflatable spheres inside which to roll and push their friends to make them bounce on the ground, in absolute safety! The balls can be used “free” or organize real meetings of Bubble Football!

Zorbing Bubble Rental

Finally, as an original prize for charity fishing or bingo, you could think of giving away adventure gift cards, available in different amounts and with which the lucky winner can book his favorite among over 70 outdoor activities, with different levels of difficulty and adrenaline.