Canyoning is the sport that involves walking the rocky gorges of torrents with reduced water flow. Along the way, there

How many years since you practice speleology? I started in the early 90s, but I’ve been exploring caves since I

Team building is a frequently-held “day event” where activities provide certain experiences for participants. People get to know each better,

When you are about to go on a Sailing boat it all comes to relaxation, sport, and adventure to discover

Follow the paths in Valbruna and Val Saisera (north-Italy), historical area and natural environment well known from world-famous alpinist: Kugy

After so many questions from our adventurers, we decided to dedicate an entire article about the preparation for Snowshoeing activity. An

Quadbike Tours in Friuli Venezia Giulia take place in the nord-est part of the region. World wide famous wineyard all

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