Wild fishing is literally fishing in wild places, almost untouched and completely immersed in nature. With the wild fishing, you

Christian is one of our fishing guides and is also a rafting instructor in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Thanks to his

Eros is a horse riding instructor. In his stables immersed in the pine woods, his horses lead you along paths

Are you a ski lover looking for a new adventure? Ski mountaineering is the activity you are looking for! You

Two of the activities that are becoming more widespread are definitely the via ferrata and climbing. More and more people

Dog Sledding, better known as Sleddog, is certainly one of the most fun activities to di during winter: crossing snowy

Canyoning is the sport that involves walking the rocky gorges of torrents with reduced water flow. Along the way, there

How many years since you practice speleology? I started in the early 90s, but I’ve been exploring caves since I

Team building is a frequently-held “day event” where activities provide certain experiences for participants. People get to know each better,

When you are about to go on a Sailing boat it all comes to relaxation, sport, and adventure to discover