Adventure for Christmas in the European Alps

Every year we come to the puzzle of the choice of gifts in this period. We are increasingly engaged in work, family, various commitments and at the last moment, we find ourselves making choices that hardly leave us completely satisfied with the purchase.

Any Adventure for Christmas? We offer a selection of sports and tours quickly bookable online in the land of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Slovenia. Snowy landscapes, natural cavities, rolling hills planted with vineyards will be the ideal setting for your gift dedicated to active holiday enthusiasts, who will have the opportunity to explore, discover and get to know one of these wonderful places.


The first of our tips when it comes to a gift is definitely our Adventure Card which, like all gift cards, presents significant advantages for both buyers and users:

  • Possibility to select one or more activities to book after purchase
  • Possibility to choose the available dates at a later time
  • The validity is of 12 months from the date of purchase

Christmas on the Snow

Moonlight Snowshoeing Val Saisera

Moonlight Snowshoeing in Val Saisera, among the silences, the stars and the scents of nature in

Mushing Experience Fusine Italy

Mushing Experience Fusine Italy is the best opportunity to live the outdoors side by side with

Ice Driving Snow Track

Learn to control Sports cars under extreme conditions! Ice track fully prepared for the Ice Driving

Snowmobile Tours Sauris

Want to get away from the crowds? Snowmobile Tours Sauris in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy is

The mountain in winter is not just the realm of skiers. The white peaks of the Alps offer a large number of outdoor activities in which you can challenge even without experience, accompanied by expert guides: snowmobile tour with break-tasting in the shelter, woods to be discovered progressing little by little with snowshoe or with the FatBike, sleighs driven by snow dogs, horse-drawn carriage rides surrounded by a “Christmas Eve” atmosphere.

What is the experience that everyone has dreamed since childhood? Let’s make it happen at Chrismas, let’s make them fly! On it is possible to fly on a Hot Air Balloon in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in Trentino-Alto Adige and in Veneto, Tandem Paragliding flights, Skydive, Panoramic flights in ultralight aircraft and more…

How about Adventure or suspense? Caving, maybe?

Outdoor Recreation Ideas

Hot Air Ballooning Trentino Südtirol

Fly with us: Hot Air Ballooning Trentino Südtirol. Experience the feeling of free flight surrounded by

Tandem Skydive Bovec

The Tandem Skydive Bovec is the perfect activity for adrenaline lovers and for unforgettable gifts! To
Caving Julian Prealps Natural Park

Caving Julian Prealps Natural Park

Explore the underground world! Follow your Speleo Guide through the path inside the labyrinthine dry cave named

Glider Aircraft Thermal Lift Flight

Glider Aircraft Thermal Lift Flight (sailplane) is probably the closest thing any human will come to

Tandem Paragliding Slovenia

Tandem Paragliding Slovenia takes place over the Isonzo valley and the highest mountain peaks of Slovenia