4 Wheels Fun in Quad – Interview with Simone
Simone - Quad

Simone, our quad guide from Friuli Venezia Giulia, riding a quad he guides you through vineyards immersed in the hills, small quaint villages and above all … a lot of adventure! During a fuel break, we were able to interview him for you!

How many years have you been working with quads?
I’ve been working with quads for 4 years.

Where did this passion of yours come from?
The passion for quads has developed from the enduro cross rides. As a young man I often went motorbike to places near Buttrio with friends and soon I started wondering why these beautiful places were not valued. I then approached quad bikes because I saw that everyone was passionate about this vehicle, but no one offered it, especially in the area. So I decided to start this activity, proposing tours immersed in nature and in the countryside riding an alternative vehicle. Then it should also be emphasized that the quad is a vehicle that only a few possess, but that all those in possession of the license can drive, so it is within everyone’s reach.

Now let’s talk more in depth about the routes … in particular the off-road quad trail which has the main characteristics and for whom is it recommended?
The off-road quad tour is a route suitable for everyone and is characterized by the fact that in an hour and a half you can face a whole series of terrains with different difficulties and morphologies. I would definitely recommend it for those approaching quad bikes for the first time.

The path of the Colli Orientali?
The Colli Orientali tour is a path for a little more experienced pilots because the itinerary consists mainly of four hills to overcome that lead from Buttrio to the border with Slovenia. It is a continuous up and down immersed in the vineyards.

Quad Tour Cividale - Natisone Valley FVG

And the one in Cividale and the Natisone Valleys?
Also, the tour in Cividale and the Valleys of the Natisone recommend it to those who already have a bit of driving experience both for the length (3 ere and a half) and for the morphology of the course (again there are continuous ups and downs). This tour then is suggestive because you get to the sanctuary of Castelmonte and from here you can admire a 360-degree panorama from the mountains to the sea.

Finally, what are the peculiarities and who would you recommend the itinerary to Palmanova?
The Palmanova tour is a route suitable for everyone that goes from Buttrio to the starry city, through the companion. The added value of this route is certainly given by the destination, Palmanova, in which there is a stop to visit the military galleries inside the walls.

What advice do you give to those who come for the first time to take a quad ride with you?
Obviously, the outings take place in complete safety, but what I especially recommend is … to have fun!

What are you trying to convey during the releases?
In addition to the passion for this vehicle, during my tours, I want to convey the passion for the territory in which they take place, with all its peculiarities and uniqueness. Let’s say that the tours that I propose are a way to live and discover the territory in an alternative guide.

Thanks to Simone for your time!

Now all you have to do is choose the best route for you and set off for the adventure!